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How would you feel to be able to remotely control home / office appliances from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone? that’s  exactly what we are offering you.

Reduced stress

You wont have to bother yourself with the stress of switching your appliances from different locations because we are putting them all in one place > your cell phone.

Energy Efficiency

With our solutions you will be able to save 40% more on energy usage, we are cutting off all unnecessary power wastage for you.

Safest Means

there is no safer way to switch your appliances than not physically touching them. operating conventional switches is old fashioned and unsafe.


It is imperative that precautionary measures are taken to ensure maximum safety and efficiency at domestic and work spaces where multiple electrical appliances are used.

The Problem

The average Nigerian home has at least 2-3 electrical appliances connected to an epileptic power supply and alternatively, a generating set running on fuel.

This has led to problems like Stress in switching between these multiple appliances, Wastage of power, in the sense that appliances not in use are left running, either because we are too busy or just too tired to attend to them. This in a way also shortens the life spans of these appliances, increases the risks of electrical hazards and ultimately increase the cost of running these appliances as unnecessary resources are wasted running appliances that are not in use.

Our solution

NATRICS is a device that puts you in charge of your home and office appliances. Using the Power of IOT, NATRICS creates an interaction between your phone and electrical appliances by regulating the power supplied to each appliance per time. All of these, remotely controlled via your mobile phone. 


Using NATRICS would give you a longer appliance lifespan, A Safe environment for any activity, reduction in the cost of running your appliances, Easier domestic and work lifestyle, home management insights and so much more. With Natrics, you get to say When. None can get you to relax in the Driver’s seat like Natrics.

Recent achievement

Winner TechPoint Technovation challenge 2019

Hundreds of applicants applied, about ten made it to round two and we emerge the winner after being properly scrutinized by a panel of judges.

Our Team

we  are a team of forward thinkers and problem solvers who think outside the box to proffer solutions to daily problems

Oyugboh Liberty


Akolade Oluwatoba

Strategic planner

Oladele Elijah

Research manager

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